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Saint Gennaro Comes To The North End @ the corner of Hannover Street and Battery Street


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the Story of Saint Gennaro

Many are the news we have heard about Saint Gennaro, where the latest news stops in 1950 with over 1500 books and manuscripts, where many are kept in the chapel that was dedicated to him by his loyal Christian followers, located Naples. The treasure is represented by the gifts given to him by the noble Neapolitan families and from the Royal families from all over Europe.

Prior to becoming a Saint, Gennaro was a bishop of Benevento, Italy. One day, Gennaro and his two friends declared themselves by expressing their Christian faith and being ready to die for their belief and love for Jesus Christ. This is what condemned Bishop Gennaro and his friends to the Beheading, on September 19, of the year 305. Gennaro became a martyr at the age of 35 years old.

It is said that before Gennaro was beheaded, a very religious woman with same faith as him, extracted some of the blood, which she placed in two glass ampules that are still preserved in the Real Chapel of San Gennaro, Naples. The legend says that the blood is in powder all the year long, but on September 19, the blood coagulates. When this happens, the city is out of danger from catastrophes and epidemics for that current year. If the magic doesn’t happen, the Neapolitan people must be ready and pray to God.

Marinelli Foundry - The Story

The Saint Gennaro Foundation of Boston has provided to make a golden bronze bust of Saint Gennaro, in Italy. The bust is inspired by the one employed at the Royal Chapel of the Neapolitan Cathedral.

The Bust of Saint Gennaro was made by the Pontifical Foundry of Marinelli, the oldest artisan company in the world with over 8 centuries of experience in the field of bronze casting. The bust has been made by the artist Ettore Marinelli, who proudly represents the thirtieth generation of the dynasty of Italian founders and his work is showcased all over the world.

The mantle of Saint Gennaro is embellished from a rich poly chrome decoration made of about 200 pearls of river and other stones set in gilded bronze along with some religious and historical symbols on it. This unique work of art required more than six months of hard work supervised by the US Committee and by Mr. Pasquale Trotta, the Founder of the foundation. After the solemn blessing by the Holy Father, Pope Francis, at the Vatican City, the statue left on a private plane to Boston to be welcomed by the community and celebrate the Saint on the day of his anniversary, on September 19th.


The Holy Kiss..

Pope Francis Kisses Saint Gennaro.




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About Saint Gennaro Project

Saint Gennaro Project is a dream come true and a way for Mr. Pasquale to pay it forward and give back to the community. Pasquale Trotta, Founder and President of the San Gennaro Foundation of Boston, has been supervising this project for over 10 years now. Mr. Pasquale was born and raised in Naples, few block away from the Saint Gennaro church, and he has always been fascinated by Saint Gennaro and his miracles towards helping the community and keeping the community on Naples, safe.

Coming in support of this important mission, Mr. Frank De Pasquale and Mr. Nick Varano, cofounders of the San Gennaro foundation of Boston, who have believed in it and put their heart into it in order to pay a tribute to their land and community. After over 10 years of endless work on this project, an authentic statue of Saint Genaro has been reproduced in the Vatican Foundries of Agnone by the famous sculptor Ettore Marinelli. The statue of Saint Gennaro will be blessed in the month of August by Pope Francis at the Cathedral of Saint Pietro, at the Vatican City, and then it will be transported on a private flight from Naples to Boston, where the religious feast of Saint Gennaro will take place. 


The final proceeds of this non-profit organization will be used for autistic and non-autistic children. In the ear future, based on fundraising, parents of children with autism from all over the word can be hosted in our location in Boston, by providing them hospitality, meals,  personal assistance and everything from the housing to the hospitals, to provide them a personal interpreter and any other type of service that could help better their life. 


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